Possibly the most unique wedding films on the planet!

The Tease!

Dripping with Goodness!

Chocolate Sauce wedding films are unique, artistic expressions of the story of the most memorable day in the lives of two people who are madly in love with each other. Each film is truly a piece of art

For years, award winning documentary film maker Trevor Ward has been left uninspired by the typical wedding video. He noticed that every wedding videographer or event videographer had the same formula for shooting and editing the events of the wedding.

Ask any couple about watching their wedding video and they will say, "we usually just skim through the video and fast forward to the good parts." Chocolate Sauce wedding films are "just the good parts."

Intrigued by the almost mysterious, magical quality of the still image and the captivating emotions of a good story, Trevor sought to combine the two in a way that no one has yet to imitate. Chocolate Sauce Wedding Films will take a unique approach to capturing your wedding. Start with a good heaping of documentary style storytelling. Mix in equal parts personality of the bride and personality of the groom. Stir in one scoop of romance and one giant scoop of fun. Blend together and let sit until firm. Finally, add good music and creative visuals to taste and voila! A Chocolate Sauce Wedding Film.